Tuesday, 13 March 2012


EVERYONE OF A FRIENDSHIPIn life,We do not have anyone, except yourselfBut in our own, we are fortunate toHave friends who understand us,As we expect integrity and honesty of afriends,So is he,But we often forget that fact.Just take cognizance of the expectations and feelings,We feel betrayed when he was not keeping its promises,We do not give him the opportunity to explain the situation,For us, the reason to cover up mistakes and defendhimself.We did let him looked forward to,Because we also promise not kept,We give thousands of reasons forced him to accept our ground,At that time, do you think about our feelingsLike us, he also knows, we often feel kecewa.tetapiforgetFate has a friend who always understood,Are always there when we need it,He was listening to the feelings, the sense of frustration and fearwe,Hopes and dreams, we expressed,He gave way as the solution path,Often we are too busy telling about ourselves,Until we sometimes forget,Our friends also havestory to share with us,Did we give him the opportunity to describefeel anxious and feel fearHave we comfort him as he used to sootheweDo we hear the sincerity and feeling happy about the success?Can we be a source of strength,As he blew his spirit every time we feel frustratedand surrenderCan we Dost one we can be trusted,Can be a place to lean on when feeling weak, sodo not fall down ..

Can we be a shoulder to lean his hope?Occasionally be a friend who heard from the onlytellTake the time to understand the heart and his feelingsBecause he was a man, he is also the fear, no senseworried, sad and disappointed.He also has weaknesses and needs friendsFor strength, let us be his friendWe often see him laugh, but may actually hesetabah not we think,Despite her smile, maybe a lot of sad stories that want toexpressedDespite the excitement may be stored on a thousand foul-We do not knowBut if we tryso friends like it,Maybe we will knowAppreciate A FRIENDSHIP

                                                                    FAZIRA ELIDA ADMIRE'S

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